We smile when we hear the word carrots, we think turtles are adorable, the word cat brings dirty thoughts to mind, leprechauns are blond now-a-days and mirrors make you vain. We say 'Vas Happenin' when we see one of my friends and when something goes wrong we 'Blame Niall'...for everything, when we wanna swear we use 'you mad scone' instead and we yell '"NO" Jimmy protested' when we don't want to do something. we celebrate Malik-Monday's & Tomlinson-Tuesdays. Harry's curls are sexy, Liam's sixpack is hot, Niall's accent is to DIE FOR, We are jalous of Zayn's cheekbones and Louis is not only funny but he's talented aswell. These five boys have taught us that we should follow our dreams and not give up, that we don't have to act our age LOUIS and that we should definatly not change for anyone, because you are beautiful as you are.

4 girls live in One Small City
Frances | Orlene | Mae l Marie | 13yrsold.

We died 'Cause Niall Horan Followed us.

I Love 1D
P.S: This is a new account xxx
Say carrots and we'll follow you ;) <3